The Last Post

“The last melon”. Only the real ones know. Week 14 and I’m finally done blogging.

Whew, this has been such a whirlwind of emotions, ideas, and dedication. There’s been many ups and downs but all great careers oscillate high low. Audacious and shamelessly persevering, the battle has been won. The battle does not pertain to blogging but also the end of another school year. This past orbit contains some of my more reckless and daring decisions, but also some clarity. #LiveAboveTheClouds.

I think as time goes on, our awareness intensifies but at the price of our innocence. Lately nostalgic memories of my childhood have played through my head. I loved to play “army”, legoes, and other games but I can’t anymore. It’s not that my curiosities slipped but I can’t seem to get the same satisfaction out of legoes when there’s constant destruction, nor war when there’s Dick Cheney. Im pretty pumped for Summer but at the same time Summer can be kinda worrisome. It’s 2-3 months of compulsive eating and unsupervised, irrational decisions.

I think that we should just have a year around school with more, longer breaks. 9 months of school then 3 straight months of break isn’t sustainable. Our little breaks we have throughout the year are kind of like weed and everyone gets happy and has a good time but then all of a sudden we get 3 months of heroine, knowing your gonna have to go back to rehab for 9 more months. It’s too much time on our hands for such a short amount of time. But, Summer can also be really nice. Lights being absorbed at arguably the best angle which has enormous benefit. Everyone is usually in better moods and there’s also less stress depending on how demanding your commitments. I am really excited to go explore nature this Summer and I’m hoping I’ll get to see some plants and animals that I’ve never seen before.

It’s also ok if I see plants and animals I regularly see because I like most of them. One plant I hate is the green weed that has all of those little white needles and you can’t see if they get on your leg but if they do then it fucking sucks. I hope everyone has fun staying safe this summer haha.


School’s almost out

The days are longer and the weather has ripened. Fruit is now eaten scrupulously yet with vigor. The beach is inviting and warm. It is summer. I enjoy summer so much. But it’s spring time now and the beaches are getting warmer and the days are very blue. I love Spring because it is now more common to see the other tenants of nature and often in the evening I will see a deer. All of my family came into town last Friday and on Saturday We went out to an Italian restaurant and ate Italian food for a hour and a half. Everyone enjoyed their meals and company was in good spirits. I went to a friend’s house circa 9:00 P.M and then went home and had a good nights sleep. On Sunday, I went on a hike with my mom, brothers, sister, and dad.

It was for mothers day and everyone had a great time. This past week I also had the honor to see the great Omar Souleyman. I can now attest to to the magical myths once spoken of he, himself. He played great music and the crowd was out of their mind. The week could realistically only go downhill from there but since Monday, I’ve enjoyed other activities. On Wednesday, I went to the Habit and got some food before going to the beach with some of my friends. While we were at the beach, we played some intense games os spike ball and threw around the frisbee.

After playing on the sand, we went in the water and had a super fun time body surfing and messing around. The waves were pretty good and nobody else was out so we had them all to ourselves. We all then began to get hungry and so we left the beach and all went to our own houses to get some food. When I got home I had pork and noodles which was a really satisfying meal. I also ate some dessert because I’m a real sweet tooth and then I called it a night. I also played with my dogs.

Sometime in May

Walking around on Wednesday, thought it’d sit down and write about my days in the month of May. I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately and recently I’ve found sanction in the beats of “Drug Cabin”. Don’t let the name give you the wrong idea because they’re a great band for all highs, lows, activities, and moods. They drop soft lyrics over all different kinds of sounds. Also, ALO is always a good option. This past weekend I hungout with my friends and had a pretty good time.

We played around all over area and I covered a lot of the Santa Barbara ground. I didn’t to go to the beach because it was cold and overcast so that was kind of a bummer but it’s ok cause its almost summer and I’ll have a lot of time to play in the sand and stuff. I also didn’t throw the frisbee this weekend but i’m pretty sure that wont affect my abilities this weekend. On Tuesday I played Taylor 1v1 for about ten minutes and I lost. I was winning and we said “next point wins” and he pulled the smoothest stepback i’ve ever seen and drained the shot in my face. Sike. I gave him like 10 feet of space and he threw up an off-balanced, “lean back” shot cause it wasnt even a fadeway and he made it. I respectively took the loss and then Me, him, Ryan, Cole, and Quinn went on a hike.

We went to Rattlesnake Canyon and hiked for about 30 minutes then jambled around in the creek. There was a pretty large pool of water that me and Quinn went into and it was revitalizing. The ice cold water cleansed my body.

Mother Earth’s bodily fluids. We continued to chill at the spot for about forty-five minutes but then started our trek back. It was a nice hike filled with some good talks and i know that that hike will fuel me for the rest of the week. We then went to our homes and I  ate salmon and sweet potatoes and broccoli for dinner. I also had a lot of chocolate fudge ice cream and some toast.

Its Almost Summer!

Its almost summer! The whole vibe of Santa Barbara is changing for the better and I just can’t wait for school to be out! The past few weeks I’ve been going to the beach quite a bit and playing all sorts a games.

My most favorite game is a competitive game of spike ball. Usually my partner is Cole but sometimes he’s just “not all there” and I get angry so I try to find a different parterre, but nobody can beat me and Cole if were on top of our game. On Friday I decided to go to the fair but that was a mistake because not only is the fair dirty, loud, and very complicated to maneuver around, it is expensive as hell. Overall the fair was a 2.7/10. I was extremely thirsty and a guy wouldn’t give me a cup of water, instead all he would say is “we have bottled water”. I was so mad that I was gonna kick his ass but he was saved by Caroline Luce who supplied me with a few sips of her water. I swear to god that if I ever see that asshole again, his face will get destroyed. On Saturday I had a volleyball tournament which went from 8 a.m to 5 p.m which is a bit excessive but I had a very solid nap that pushed me through the day. Saturday night I hangout with my friend Cole and all we did was just play in my pool and listen to music.

On Sunday, I went to the beach with Cole, Quinn, and Gavin and that was pretty fun but I had to cut it short cause I had some business to attend to at a friends house. After hanging out there for a bit, I went home and hungout with my mom which was a nice way to end my weekend. She’s a lovely women and her voice is soft and soothing.  also played with my dog which was a blast.

I also finished up some homework because teacher’s don’t respect the limited free time students have at home. If I ever become a teacher then I will never assign homework and this statement is on the inter web so if I need to remind my future self of the promise I made my future students, then I will.

Just Another Week

Just another week. I just finished 13 Reasons Why and I can conclude that it was a 7.6/10 show. It was no Game Of Thrones. But it never is. Hail house Stark. This past week I went to the beach a few times which was great. I went to Sharks and played some games, then frolicked in the water with my friends. The water is getting warmer! On Saturday I went to my avocado ranch and helped the Sesame Street filming crew on an episode.

It was pretty fun but I didn’t get to meet Cookie Monster.

That was pretty damn disappointing but not nearly as disappointing as the volleyball tournament I had to ref. After helping the crew film the episode, I had to drive to the high school and referee games until the nighttime and I swam to God that I will never do that shit again. I could not care less about a whole bunch of boys hitting a white ball back and forth across a net. I also should say that if you think your good at volleyball, it is because there is minimal competition. If 1/4 of the African American basketball players played volleyball, their would be 99% less white college players. Anyways, reffing volleyball is pretty boring so that was a waste of a Saturday night. Although, after the games ended, I went to dinner with Gavin, Jaelen, and Cole and that was really fun. On Sunday, I took a practice final for Biology which was pretty hard, but after I went to the beach with Quinn, Cole, Taj, Ryan, Riley, and Taylor which was a blast! We played frisbee, went in the ocean, jumped off the diving board at coral, and even played foozeball. While on the diving board, a little kid was giving us scores for the best dives/flips and I can’t even begin to explain how inconsistent and unworthy his scores were. I got a few 10’s but I was pissed to hear some of the lower numbers come out of his mouth. The day ended with a burrito and some tacos with my friends and I was happy to live in Santa Barbara.

The Month of April

These past couple weeks I’ve gone to a couple concerts and enjoyed some fun activities but so far, my favorite part of April has been the few naps I’ve taken.

Naps are a slippery slope. They are addicting and waste time, just like other unhealthy habits, but there is nothing better then getting home, unclothing, and closing both eyes. It breaks up long days and replenishes the mind with dream juice. Dream juice is the lingering tang of bliss. Dream juice is what God sips atop his throne. Dream juice, ah.

I went to the beach last weekend and it was really exciting to feel the changing of seasons. Its getting a lot sunnier and the waters getting a lot warmer which is great news. While at the beach, I had an epiphany, but I forgot it. This past week my grandparents came to town and it was pretty fun watching my Italian grandma frantically clean and reorganize the house with the limited time she had. My Grandma doesn’t take naps cause theres always something to be done. She participates in 2 bookclubs and a movie club, as well as attending city college classes on multiple subjects. Respect for the lady. On the other hand, my grandpa savors his slow mornings consisting of reading the newspaper and updating his vast library of knowledge. He is without a doubt the most wise person I know. He is a hybrid between Vito Corleone and Yoda. He’s as badass as the Don but he can also gives off Jedi vibes. It was great seeing them. Today is April 20th so that’s just wonderful. I had a shlurbin 4/20 with my friends and I am so happy to see the social and political progression that marijuana has made. I am not happy to see the social and political degression that our country has made, but as Yoda says, “In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.” Feel the force. Contain the force.

Unleash the force.

The botanical garden- Night Edition

This last weekend was my friend Jaelens birthday so we went paint balling and then slept over at my house. We had fun. A lot of fun. The group that went was me, Jaelen, Cole, and Lamont. We mobbed to paint ball with the racially balanced 50/50 ratio, thus increasing the swagger of our group. When we rolled up, the other paint ballers seemed as if they were “deer in headlights”. So scared.

We played a few rounds then went back to my house. We ate some pizza then went on a night walk in the botanic gardens, where we danced and rapped. We played the new joey bada$$ album, mixed with some Boombox, but the real dance party started when we turned on the song “Iceburger”.

Cole would now like to write a review on the song “the songs beginning thrills the listener and incaptures the elements of madness and beauty, the middle a delicious labyrinth of sound the enchantments the listener and the finaly quick combination of beautyful combination of music notes and light melody. The song is the reason I listen to music”. Godamn Cole, that’s beautiful.

After dancing around for awhile and down all sorts of shananigans, we headed back to my house for a sweet feast. We ate chocolate covered bananas, chocolate ice cream, cookies, vanilla ice cream, mint ice cream cookies, coffee ice cream bars and some other type of ice cream bar. These sweets were definitely not distributed equally and many fingers were pointed. If it weren’t for hours a diplomacy, war may have broken out. The night was concluded with the new Louis CK stand up but what made it so fun to watch was that me and Cole saw him a few months ago and he was using some of the same jokes so not only was it a gripping show but hints of nostalgia were layered throughout. Overall, my Saturday was a 9.2/10, thus increasing my average Saturday score to a solid 8.9 (did not include several Saturday’s due to inconsistent data). I can not wait to see what will happen next Saturday!


Adventure on the Dunes

This past weekend I went to the dunes with my friends. I cannot tell you where it is cause then I’d have to kill you but its a very secret place in Santa Barbara. We rolled up at to the dunes and started playing king of the hill.

This is one of the most fun games to play on a sand dune because if you fall it does not hurt. There was no winner cause were all friends and we felt that competition would rob us of the fun. I won though.

After shlacking around we began to play pretend skiing, also known as the Mountain Goat game. To play, one must jump from side to side down the dune, shifting their hips every jump. We did this for a couple hours but it definitely wore us out so we just sat around playing with sticks and little critters we saw running around.

After all the shananigans we went to the pier to get some food. On the way, we got distracted by all the festivities and people so we decided to just watch. There was people of all shapes and sizes, carrying all kinds of prizes, on all types of lows and rises. Bars. Barz. Bharzs. Bharhs. As we approached the end of the pier we noticed many a men casting lines. We sat and watched them catch no fish for a very long time. You would think it would get boring but theres just something about men and their poles. The water was especially beautiful that day which really made for a wonderful evening. It was really awesome to see the sun sink into the water on the horizon. Kinda like dipping an oreo into a glass of milk except the sun doesn’t comeback up till a day later. A day is also known as twenty four hours. Anyways, we all realized we had no money to buy food so we decided to disperse to our homes. I cuddled alone in my bed that night thinking of my really cool friends. Nothing better then some dunes on a weekend.

SB Pairs Special

This week is Spring Break and I am not in SB so although you may have been anticipating another great SB Pairs read, I will instead be mostly talking about the drug epidemic that is testing our nations ethics. I visited San Francisco this break and while driving to my brother’s house in the city, I drove through the Tenderloin and noticed several homeless humans shooting up.

Although I’m aware of opioid use in this country, actually seeing another human shoot up on the side of the street is $%*& up. Yet the most unsettling part is seeing other humans walk by without even acknowledging the homeless man. Why was nobody stopping? Why could nobody look into this man’s eyes?It’s hard to face problems. It’s also hard to give your own time in such busy lifestyles. But while our country seems to echo the importance of community, there are citizens who are being left out. Although I admire Obama’s efforts to end this country’s heroin crisis, it was not nearly enough and it can be guaranteed that the only service this new administration will provide to heroin users is jail time.

If we truly wish to end this drug problem then it is time we stop passing each struggling addict as if their an obsolete being. Rather placing responsibility in our government, I think it would be more appropriate for every person to approach it as an ethical issue and take action. It seems pretty lame that every time we pass a homeless person tripping, we just justify the situation as past repair. These people can be rehabilitated but they need help. After digesting my thoughts, the rest of the trip was pretty fun.

After getting to my brothers house, me and my two brothers and my sister-in-law listened to music and just talked. We then ate different pastas at a mediocre Italian Restaurant, but the company was good. Overall it was a fun night and I was glad to have spent a night with them in the city. My next stop was my grandma’s house which is about 45 minutes outside of the city and while there I was feed and bedth. It was a wonderful time and I am excited to finish my trip in Santa Barbara where I will enjoy the presence of my peers.

South Coast Deli and Friends

I start my journey to South Coast Deli with Ryan Murphy, Taylor Robins, Cole Federbusch, and Jaelen Keel.

We decided to eat at South Coast cause it’s a favorite spot of all Santa Barbarians and it deserves to be. My friends all argue over who gets to ride shotgun but it is soon resolved. We all buckle up and I turn on the ignition. Vroom Vroom! How loud my engine roars! Now, not only is my engine turned on but I am too. Just kidding. I swiftly maneuver my way out of my parking spot and stamp the gas. We hit 100 on Milpas, while dodging little freshman. They jump out of the way like a disfigured deer in the headlights of a tank. If you have been reading my blog, you’d know that my Subaru, El Beastado, is a freakin killer out on the streets and is respected by all other cars who wish to live so I always get my way on the crete. Anyways, we finally get to South Coast Deli and it’s no surprise that the line is bumpin.

We wait for about 5-7.6 minutes and when I get to the front I feel like a Hall of Fame inductee about to make his speech.

I’ve been waiting all day for this mofo sandwich so i’ve already rehearsed my order, “Hello… May I please have a Megans Grilled Cheese and add peppers and tomatoes.” Hell yeah, I absolutely nailed it. I give the orderee my money and wait for my delicious sandwich. Cole, Jaelen, Ryan, and Taylor order their meals but I know I picked the best option. Bafoons. We all finally get our lunches and sit together while conversing. A wave of euphoria blankets us as we all joyfully eat and enjoy one anothers company. The mixture of the nice, fresh, ventilated air in South Coast and the rambunctious vibe of my friend group surely guarantees a wonderful pair. As I eat my food I ponder my next pair. What could it be? Whatever it may be, I know that it will be hard to outdo my current pair of “South Coast Deli and Friends”.