Silence and The Botanical Garden

What’s better then two living organism’s connecting with each other? Although you may not have the chance to talk and interact with another human, nature’s always waiting silently for companionship. I walked silently throughout the Gardens, free from forced thoughts, only focused on nature’s language. We as humans have developed such a fine taste for perfection that we forget to respect nature’s anomaly’s. The Botanical Garden is one of the few places in Santa Barbara that has been left mostly undisturbed and natural. When finding spots like this, it is only just to feel every vibe that each plant and animal give off. When walking through the Botanical Garden, I came across many small critters but I wouldn’t have noticed them without hearing their distinct calls. A frog croaks to me as if asking for attention yet when I come face to face with it, it lay stoned.


I walk on. The mesmerizing beat of nature flows in and out of my ear but as I get closer to the stream, it is the flowing water that owns my eardrums. Through years of erosion from a stampede of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, a stream is carved out. I stand, silently.


I think to myself of a quote by Ram Doss, ” The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” My body feels weak as I see the powerful rush of water pour down the side of a hill. Nature, oh nature, how beautiful you speak. I begin to cry when I think about how us humans abuse the beauty of nature but I understand that inevitably Mother Nature will go on, but we may not. The silence has been broken as a waterfall of tears slip down my face and I yell out in fury. 20170206_161807

I exit the Botanical Garden with moist eyes and a closed mouth, enjoying my last breath of nature’s silence before entering the bustling animated city life. If you’d like to connect with your emotions and ponder the meaning of life, try a silent walk in the Botanical Gardens and listen to more then you’ve ever heard.




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