Dogs and Hope Ranch Beach

Sunday Morning and the sun’s light is piercing through my window like shards of glass. I’m pissed cause it’s 10:30 and I’ve only accumulated about 5 hours of sleep due to a get-together that lasted well into the previous night. But then, I look down my legs and see my beast is already perked up and ready to go. “No!” I yell with rage, it’s seems as if the beast has awoken an unprecedented force of nature, Me. I begin to wrestle with it, but it’s too big and powerful! What have I been nurturing and creating all these years? After accepting defeat, I decide to approach the situation in a diplomatic manner. I ask, “Rudy, do you want to go on a beach walk?”. My sweet pug then returns my gesture with a big grin and its decided, we are going on a beach walk.


Before we go I make supper for both of us but he seems dissapointed that I get eggs and bacon while he only gets dog food. I brush this off because after all, he’s only a dog. I grab the leash, we hop in my Suburu, aka ” El Beastado de Carro” and drive over to Hope Ranch Beach. We jump out of the car and begin to frolic in the waves! Pure bliss.


I begin to tire after so many hours of “ruff” play and I call for Rudy to comeback. I stroke his belly while he purrs like a Persian cat in the African Sahara. We sit together and listen to the waves collide against the glistening sand. He nudges his smushed face against my firm, toned bicep. We make eye contact but giggle and look away for it is in these awkward moments that man bonds to his dog.


Rudy oh Rudy how lovely thy bark, bark for me until the light turns dark. We begin our trek back to the car, reminiscing our lovely little beach day. I talk, he barks, but theirs a connection between us that can’t be tamed by any language barrier. It is in these moments that I hold life with my precious, frail arms. I cannot even fathom a better way to spend a Sunday but I do hope everyone can enjoy a classic SB Pair like this.


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