Driving and Darkness

4:45 A.M, Saturday March 4th. It’s Spring in Santa Barbara, but Winter’s chilling air is persisting. I roll over and look out my window at the black sky. Just the way I like it. Black. I go into my kitchen and eat a banana with a hot cup of some black coffee. The mood has clearly been set for my day and I’m ready to drive to my volleyball tournament in Valencia. The sky outside is a very dark magoon color. I enter my mother’s Volvo and turn on my seat heater. I wrap myself in a blanket and I feel like a joey in a Marsuppium. I suck the pleasing warm air coming from the car’s vents and I simply sigh. We begin the ride.

This picture does a great job at illustrating the frigid air, reflected by the foggy window. It is not so much the darkness that I fear, but instead the absence of light. It was invigorating to drive in the unknown but as the car moved, time persisted. Inevitably, the darkness began to fade, yet a mellow dark-blue blanket fell over the sky with slabs of pink clouds scattered.

Feeling the Earth move below the tires was such an amazing experience, yet to also be feeling this in the dark was such a euphoric reality. Nearly 68% of the universe is dark energy and 27% is dark matter. Our world is a dark place but this should be embraced because it is in the darkness that we truly find out who we are. During this dark-drive, I was able to connect with myself in ways I had never imagined possible. It is in these connections I made that contributed to the epiphany of “dark movement”. It’s like the dark energy of dark matter and its all negativity we feel. When the light begins to charge the sky, it feels like that one scene of Gandalf when he charges the dark forces of Mordor.

The rest of the ride to Valencia is scattered with patches of dark sky yet it just isn’t the same as a completely dark sky. I encourage all my readers to try this pair and give me feedback!



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