Frisbee and The Santa Barbara Mission

Frisbee. Classic. The Santa Barbara Mission. Classic. This week’s blog post will feature one of the best pairs that has been created. Two of the most classic things you’ll find in SB have been mixed together to form the BEST SB PAIR so far… So buckle your pants and get ready for some tapenade. Its Friday March 10, 2017 and I pick up my acquaintance Cole Federbusch. On the ride I notice a beautiful rainbow which I’d like to share.

Once we get to the mission, we immediately start stretching because the strenuous work of throwing the frisbee could result in a pulled muscle or some other injury. We take a few laps around the Rose Garden and proceed to do some high-knees, flamingos, and arm swings. Now that were ready, it comes as no surprise that were throwing pure butter.

It seems as if were the Brita filter to water. Every throw is so clean and always ends up being graciously received by the other. We begin to shake things up with some unique tosses; the chicken wing, the blade, and of course the scoober. Were starting to draw attention and by the end of our warm-up routine, there’s thousands of people gathered around. They all stand in awe of our swift, sexy motions. We continue to frolic in the cool evening air and the crowd begins to scatter. I enjoy the rhythmic slide of the frisbee each time I eject it from my hands. I look to my right and the glow of the mission is mesmerizing.

Although the mission looks beautiful, I see through it. This site is where California’s natives were beaten, maimed, whipped, tortured, burned. Junipero Serra was in fact a manipulator who used the power of religion to justify his genocidal acts. But besides this devilish picture and evil history, the mission proves to be one of the most tranquil, happiest places in Santa Barbara. Cole and I continued to throw the frisbee for a few more hours and then called it a day and headed home. I recommend that all my fellow Santa Barbarians and visitors to this city get a frisbee and go head to the mission.


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