South Coast Deli and Friends

I start my journey to South Coast Deli with Ryan Murphy, Taylor Robins, Cole Federbusch, and Jaelen Keel.

We decided to eat at South Coast cause it’s a favorite spot of all Santa Barbarians and it deserves to be. My friends all argue over who gets to ride shotgun but it is soon resolved. We all buckle up and I turn on the ignition. Vroom Vroom! How loud my engine roars! Now, not only is my engine turned on but I am too. Just kidding. I swiftly maneuver my way out of my parking spot and stamp the gas. We hit 100 on Milpas, while dodging little freshman. They jump out of the way like a disfigured deer in the headlights of a tank. If you have been reading my blog, you’d know that my Subaru, El Beastado, is a freakin killer out on the streets and is respected by all other cars who wish to live so I always get my way on the crete. Anyways, we finally get to South Coast Deli and it’s no surprise that the line is bumpin.

We wait for about 5-7.6 minutes and when I get to the front I feel like a Hall of Fame inductee about to make his speech.

I’ve been waiting all day for this mofo sandwich so i’ve already rehearsed my order, “Hello… May I please have a Megans Grilled Cheese and add peppers and tomatoes.” Hell yeah, I absolutely nailed it. I give the orderee my money and wait for my delicious sandwich. Cole, Jaelen, Ryan, and Taylor order their meals but I know I picked the best option. Bafoons. We all finally get our lunches and sit together while conversing. A wave of euphoria blankets us as we all joyfully eat and enjoy one anothers company. The mixture of the nice, fresh, ventilated air in South Coast and the rambunctious vibe of my friend group surely guarantees a wonderful pair. As I eat my food I ponder my next pair. What could it be? Whatever it may be, I know that it will be hard to outdo my current pair of “South Coast Deli and Friends”.


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