SB Pairs Special

This week is Spring Break and I am not in SB so although you may have been anticipating another great SB Pairs read, I will instead be mostly talking about the drug epidemic that is testing our nations ethics. I visited San Francisco this break and while driving to my brother’s house in the city, I drove through the Tenderloin and noticed several homeless humans shooting up.

Although I’m aware of opioid use in this country, actually seeing another human shoot up on the side of the street is $%*& up. Yet the most unsettling part is seeing other humans walk by without even acknowledging the homeless man. Why was nobody stopping? Why could nobody look into this man’s eyes?It’s hard to face problems. It’s also hard to give your own time in such busy lifestyles. But while our country seems to echo the importance of community, there are citizens who are being left out. Although I admire Obama’s efforts to end this country’s heroin crisis, it was not nearly enough and it can be guaranteed that the only service this new administration will provide to heroin users is jail time.

If we truly wish to end this drug problem then it is time we stop passing each struggling addict as if their an obsolete being. Rather placing responsibility in our government, I think it would be more appropriate for every person to approach it as an ethical issue and take action. It seems pretty lame that every time we pass a homeless person tripping, we just justify the situation as past repair. These people can be rehabilitated but they need help. After digesting my thoughts, the rest of the trip was pretty fun.

After getting to my brothers house, me and my two brothers and my sister-in-law listened to music and just talked. We then ate different pastas at a mediocre Italian Restaurant, but the company was good. Overall it was a fun night and I was glad to have spent a night with them in the city. My next stop was my grandma’s house which is about 45 minutes outside of the city and while there I was feed and bedth. It was a wonderful time and I am excited to finish my trip in Santa Barbara where I will enjoy the presence of my peers.


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