Adventure on the Dunes

This past weekend I went to the dunes with my friends. I cannot tell you where it is cause then I’d have to kill you but its a very secret place in Santa Barbara. We rolled up at to the dunes and started playing king of the hill.

This is one of the most fun games to play on a sand dune because if you fall it does not hurt. There was no winner cause were all friends and we felt that competition would rob us of the fun. I won though.

After shlacking around we began to play pretend skiing, also known as the Mountain Goat game. To play, one must jump from side to side down the dune, shifting their hips every jump. We did this for a couple hours but it definitely wore us out so we just sat around playing with sticks and little critters we saw running around.

After all the shananigans we went to the pier to get some food. On the way, we got distracted by all the festivities and people so we decided to just watch. There was people of all shapes and sizes, carrying all kinds of prizes, on all types of lows and rises. Bars. Barz. Bharzs. Bharhs. As we approached the end of the pier we noticed many a men casting lines. We sat and watched them catch no fish for a very long time. You would think it would get boring but theres just something about men and their poles. The water was especially beautiful that day which really made for a wonderful evening. It was really awesome to see the sun sink into the water on the horizon. Kinda like dipping an oreo into a glass of milk except the sun doesn’t comeback up till a day later. A day is also known as twenty four hours. Anyways, we all realized we had no money to buy food so we decided to disperse to our homes. I cuddled alone in my bed that night thinking of my really cool friends. Nothing better then some dunes on a weekend.


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