image-1Hello fellow internet explorers! My names Elliot, whose just another flower in the garden.  I am a sophmore at SBHS and I enjoy going on endeavors in the many unexplored places in Santa Barbara. I live close to the Tunnel rd. hiking trails and the Botanical Garden so you can often find me pondering questions and ideas while walking around there. I love nature and my blog will express some of the many great things I have paired while wandering the Santa Barbara area. Whether it be Silence in The Botanical Garden or Spikeball at Butterfly Beach, I provide the most exceptional pairings of Santa Barbara’s offerings.


This photo just shows one of the many activities I enjoy, marveling nature. Any other nature enthusiasts or people looking for the formula of a good day in SB, sit back and scroll through my blog or contact me and we can find SB’s next best pair.