Its Almost Summer!

Its almost summer! The whole vibe of Santa Barbara is changing for the better and I just can’t wait for school to be out! The past few weeks I’ve been going to the beach quite a bit and playing all sorts a games.

My most favorite game is a competitive game of spike ball. Usually my partner is Cole but sometimes he’s just “not all there” and I get angry so I try to find a different parterre, but nobody can beat me and Cole if were on top of our game. On Friday I decided to go to the fair but that was a mistake because not only is the fair dirty, loud, and very complicated to maneuver around, it is expensive as hell. Overall the fair was a 2.7/10. I was extremely thirsty and a guy wouldn’t give me a cup of water, instead all he would say is “we have bottled water”. I was so mad that I was gonna kick his ass but he was saved by Caroline Luce who supplied me with a few sips of her water. I swear to god that if I ever see that asshole again, his face will get destroyed. On Saturday I had a volleyball tournament which went from 8 a.m to 5 p.m which is a bit excessive but I had a very solid nap that pushed me through the day. Saturday night I hangout with my friend Cole and all we did was just play in my pool and listen to music.

On Sunday, I went to the beach with Cole, Quinn, and Gavin and that was pretty fun but I had to cut it short cause I had some business to attend to at a friends house. After hanging out there for a bit, I went home and hungout with my mom which was a nice way to end my weekend. She’s a lovely women and her voice is soft and soothing. ¬†also played with my dog which was a blast.

I also finished up some homework because teacher’s don’t respect the limited free time students have at home. If I ever become a teacher then I will never assign homework and this statement is on the inter web so if I need to remind my future self of the promise I made my future students, then I will.


Just Another Week

Just another week. I just finished 13 Reasons Why and I can conclude that it was a 7.6/10 show. It was no Game Of Thrones. But it never is. Hail house Stark. This past week I went to the beach a few times which was great. I went to Sharks and played some games, then frolicked in the water with my friends. The water is getting warmer! On Saturday I went to my avocado ranch and helped the Sesame Street filming crew on an episode.

It was pretty fun but I didn’t get to meet Cookie Monster.

That was pretty damn disappointing but not nearly as disappointing as the volleyball tournament I had to ref. After helping the crew film the episode, I had to drive to the high school and referee games until the nighttime and I swam to God that I will never do that shit again. I could not care less about a whole bunch of boys hitting a white ball back and forth across a net. I also should say that if you think your good at volleyball, it is because there is minimal competition. If 1/4 of the African American basketball players played volleyball, their would be 99% less white college players. Anyways, reffing volleyball is pretty boring so that was a waste of a Saturday night. Although, after the games ended, I went to dinner with Gavin, Jaelen, and Cole and that was really fun. On Sunday, I took a practice final for Biology which was pretty hard, but after I went to the beach with Quinn, Cole, Taj, Ryan, Riley, and Taylor which was a blast! We played frisbee, went in the ocean, jumped off the diving board at coral, and even played foozeball. While on the diving board, a little kid was giving us scores for the best dives/flips and I can’t even begin to explain how inconsistent and unworthy his scores were. I got a few 10’s but I was pissed to hear some of the lower numbers come out of his mouth. The day ended with a burrito and some tacos with my friends and I was happy to live in Santa Barbara.

South Coast Deli and Friends

I start my journey to South Coast Deli with Ryan Murphy, Taylor Robins, Cole Federbusch, and Jaelen Keel.

We decided to eat at South Coast cause it’s a favorite spot of all Santa Barbarians and it deserves to be. My friends all argue over who gets to ride shotgun but it is soon resolved. We all buckle up and I turn on the ignition. Vroom Vroom! How loud my engine roars! Now, not only is my engine turned on but I am too. Just kidding. I swiftly maneuver my way out of my parking spot and stamp the gas. We hit 100 on Milpas, while dodging little freshman. They jump out of the way like a disfigured deer in the headlights of a tank. If you have been reading my blog, you’d know that my Subaru, El Beastado, is a freakin killer out on the streets and is respected by all other cars who wish to live so I always get my way on the crete. Anyways, we finally get to South Coast Deli and it’s no surprise that the line is bumpin.

We wait for about 5-7.6 minutes and when I get to the front I feel like a Hall of Fame inductee about to make his speech.

I’ve been waiting all day for this mofo sandwich so i’ve already rehearsed my order, “Hello… May I please have a Megans Grilled Cheese and add peppers and tomatoes.” Hell yeah, I absolutely nailed it. I give the orderee my money and wait for my delicious sandwich. Cole, Jaelen, Ryan, and Taylor order their meals but I know I picked the best option. Bafoons. We all finally get our lunches and sit together while conversing. A wave of euphoria blankets us as we all joyfully eat and enjoy one anothers company. The mixture of the nice, fresh, ventilated air in South Coast and the rambunctious vibe of my friend group surely guarantees a wonderful pair. As I eat my food I ponder my next pair. What could it be? Whatever it may be, I know that it will be hard to outdo my current pair of “South Coast Deli and Friends”.