School’s almost out

The days are longer and the weather has ripened. Fruit is now eaten scrupulously yet with vigor. The beach is inviting and warm. It is summer. I enjoy summer so much. But it’s spring time now and the beaches are getting warmer and the days are very blue. I love Spring because it is now more common to see the other tenants of nature and often in the evening I will see a deer. All of my family came into town last Friday and on Saturday We went out to an Italian restaurant and ate Italian food for a hour and a half. Everyone enjoyed their meals and company was in good spirits. I went to a friend’s house circa 9:00 P.M and then went home and had a good nights sleep. On Sunday, I went on a hike with my mom, brothers, sister, and dad.

It was for mothers day and everyone had a great time. This past week I also had the honor to see the great Omar Souleyman. I can now attest to to the magical myths once spoken of he, himself. He played great music and the crowd was out of their mind. The week could realistically only go downhill from there but since Monday, I’ve enjoyed other activities. On Wednesday, I went to the Habit and got some food before going to the beach with some of my friends. While we were at the beach, we played some intense games os spike ball and threw around the frisbee.

After playing on the sand, we went in the water and had a super fun time body surfing and messing around. The waves were pretty good and nobody else was out so we had them all to ourselves. We all then began to get hungry and so we left the beach and all went to our own houses to get some food. When I got home I had pork and noodles which was a really satisfying meal. I also ate some dessert because I’m a real sweet tooth and then I called it a night. I also played with my dogs.