The botanical garden- Night Edition

This last weekend was my friend Jaelens birthday so we went paint balling and then slept over at my house. We had fun. A lot of fun. The group that went was me, Jaelen, Cole, and Lamont. We mobbed to paint ball with the racially balanced¬†50/50 ratio, thus increasing the swagger of our group. When we rolled up, the other paint ballers seemed as if they were “deer in headlights”. So scared.

We played a few rounds then went back to my house. We ate some pizza then went on a night walk in the botanic gardens, where we danced and rapped. We played the new joey bada$$ album, mixed with some Boombox, but the real dance party started when we turned on the song “Iceburger”.

Cole would now like to write a review on the song “the songs beginning thrills the listener and incaptures the elements of madness and beauty, the middle a delicious labyrinth of sound the enchantments the listener and the finaly quick combination of beautyful combination of music notes and light melody. The song is the reason I listen to music”. Godamn Cole, that’s beautiful.

After dancing around for awhile and down all sorts of shananigans, we headed back to my house for a sweet feast. We ate chocolate covered bananas, chocolate ice cream, cookies, vanilla ice cream, mint ice cream cookies, coffee ice cream bars and some other type of ice cream bar. These sweets were definitely not distributed equally and many fingers were pointed. If it weren’t for hours a diplomacy, war may have broken out. The night was concluded with the new Louis CK stand up but what made it so fun to watch was that me and Cole saw him a few months ago and he was using some of the same jokes so not only was it a gripping show but hints of nostalgia were layered throughout. Overall, my Saturday was a 9.2/10, thus increasing my average Saturday score to a solid 8.9 (did not include several¬†Saturday’s due to inconsistent data). I can not wait to see what will happen next Saturday!