The Month of April

These past couple weeks I’ve gone to a couple concerts and enjoyed some fun activities but so far, my favorite part of April has been the few naps I’ve taken.

Naps are a slippery slope. They are addicting and waste time, just like other unhealthy habits, but there is nothing better then getting home, unclothing, and closing both eyes. It breaks up long days and replenishes the mind with dream juice. Dream juice is the lingering tang of bliss. Dream juice is what God sips atop his throne. Dream juice, ah.

I went to the beach last weekend and it was really exciting to feel the changing of seasons. Its getting a lot sunnier and the waters getting a lot warmer which is great news. While at the beach, I had an epiphany, but I forgot it. This past week my grandparents came to town and it was pretty fun watching my Italian grandma frantically clean and reorganize the house with the limited time she had. My Grandma doesn’t take naps cause theres always something to be done. She participates in 2 bookclubs and a movie club, as well as attending city college classes on multiple subjects. Respect for the lady. On the other hand, my grandpa savors his slow mornings consisting of reading the newspaper and updating his vast library of knowledge. He is without a doubt the most wise person I know. He is a hybrid between Vito Corleone and Yoda. He’s as badass as the Don but he can also gives off Jedi vibes. It was great seeing them. Today is April 20th so that’s just wonderful. I had a shlurbin 4/20 with my friends and I am so happy to see the social and political progression that marijuana has made. I am not happy to see the social and political degression that our country has made, but as Yoda says, “In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.” Feel the force. Contain the force.

Unleash the force.