Just Another Week

Just another week. I just finished 13 Reasons Why and I can conclude that it was a 7.6/10 show. It was no Game Of Thrones. But it never is. Hail house Stark. This past week I went to the beach a few times which was great. I went to Sharks and played some games, then frolicked in the water with my friends. The water is getting warmer! On Saturday I went to my avocado ranch and helped the Sesame Street filming crew on an episode.

It was pretty fun but I didn’t get to meet Cookie Monster.

That was pretty damn disappointing but not nearly as disappointing as the volleyball tournament I had to ref. After helping the crew film the episode, I had to drive to the high school and referee games until the nighttime and I swam to God that I will never do that shit again. I could not care less about a whole bunch of boys hitting a white ball back and forth across a net. I also should say that if you think your good at volleyball, it is because there is minimal competition. If 1/4 of the African American basketball players played volleyball, their would be 99% less white college players. Anyways, reffing volleyball is pretty boring so that was a waste of a Saturday night. Although, after the games ended, I went to dinner with Gavin, Jaelen, and Cole and that was really fun. On Sunday, I took a practice final for Biology which was pretty hard, but after I went to the beach with Quinn, Cole, Taj, Ryan, Riley, and Taylor which was a blast! We played frisbee, went in the ocean, jumped off the diving board at coral, and even played foozeball. While on the diving board, a little kid was giving us scores for the best dives/flips and I can’t even begin to explain how inconsistent and unworthy his scores were. I got a few 10’s but I was pissed to hear some of the lower numbers come out of his mouth. The day ended with a burrito and some tacos with my friends and I was happy to live in Santa Barbara.