The Last Post

“The last melon”. Only the real ones know. Week 14 and I’m finally done blogging.

Whew, this has been such a whirlwind of emotions, ideas, and dedication. There’s been many ups and downs but all great careers oscillate high low. Audacious and shamelessly persevering, the battle has been won. The battle does not pertain to blogging but also the end of another school year. This past orbit contains some of my more reckless and daring decisions, but also some clarity. #LiveAboveTheClouds.

I think as time goes on, our awareness intensifies but at the price of our innocence. Lately nostalgic memories of my childhood have played through my head. I loved to play “army”, legoes, and other games but I can’t anymore. It’s not that my curiosities slipped but I can’t seem to get the same satisfaction out of legoes when there’s constant destruction, nor war when there’s Dick Cheney. Im pretty pumped for Summer but at the same time Summer can be kinda worrisome. It’s 2-3 months of compulsive eating and unsupervised, irrational decisions.

I think that we should just have a year around school with more, longer breaks. 9 months of school then 3 straight months of break isn’t sustainable. Our little breaks we have throughout the year are kind of like weed and everyone gets happy and has a good time but then all of a sudden we get 3 months of heroine, knowing your gonna have to go back to rehab for 9 more months. It’s too much time on our hands for such a short amount of time. But, Summer can also be really nice. Lights being absorbed at arguably the best angle which has enormous benefit. Everyone is usually in better moods and there’s also less stress depending on how demanding your commitments. I am really excited to go explore nature this Summer and I’m hoping I’ll get to see some plants and animals that I’ve never seen before.

It’s also ok if I see plants and animals I regularly see because I like most of them. One plant I hate is the green weed that has all of those little white needles and you can’t see if they get on your leg but if they do then it fucking sucks. I hope everyone has fun staying safe this summer haha.


Music and Santa Barbara High School Dances

My eyes slowly peel open like the tinfoil lid of a Blueberry Yoplait. Ah, nice. It’s a Saturday morning and tonights the big night so I better make sure i’m mentally and physically prepared. I start off with some calisthenics to warm up my mildly tempered body but then get hungry and seek my mom.


My mother prepares me a healthy breakfast which provides the fuel crucial for the next couple hours and I am grateful for that cause its a shame to skip the most important meal of the day. I scan my phone and it becomes apparent that it’s already midday so I should get-a-movin if I wish to have a nice full day. I roll over to the appointed pre-game house, Taylor Robins, and with some other fellows such as Ryan Murphy and Jaelen Keel, we begin the pre-partay.


Other friends are present at the event but I dont deem it necessary to name them. After a few hours of various activities we order ubers to the main attraction of the night, Winter Formal. We all mob onto the dance floor like a bloat of hippopotamuses and immediately I break out the moves. Bing, bam, boom, slam! We are absolutely tearing up the dance floor and everyone knows it.

fullsizer I look over and I see Jaelen throwing down some other worldly vibes that I just cant even explain in words. The music hits my ears like sugar to the tongue and my body just wiggles to the beat. I approach the DJ, who seems like he mixes mainstream music in his mom’s basement and I request some Flaka. He said he’d play it but not one Waka Flaka Flame song came on so he should be expecting a thrashing on yelp when I get the time. Besides that little conundrum the dancing and music was exceptional. Dancing cannot be originated from one civilization or time because it is as natural as walking and eating. We need to dance to survive and this Winter Formal rejuvenated my love for dancing to music. As the dance progressed I began to wear and after about a hour I periodically hit the floor but not nearly as hard as those first 60 minutes. I might not attend the next Winter Formal but I suggest that all students at SBHS do at some point in their career.